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A Kiss for Cadence

A Kiss for Cadence

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"Watching men walk away, story of my life."

When Cadence's husband, Nathan leaves her for a younger woman, she's plagued by self-doubt and struggles to reconnect with the life and family she abandoned years ago for him. As she settles into her small town routine, she comes to realize that James, the carpenter working on her mother's home, is much more than he first appeared. With his haunting eyes and playful grin, he offers her little insight, and she can't shake the feeling they've met before.

After taking the leap and opening herself to love and a chance at happiness, Cadence believes she finally has it all. When Nathan returns, her life flips upside down and her freedom hangs in the balance.

Will she be able to let go of her fears and survive the threat against her or is fate determined to tear her down?

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