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Death Unbound Ebook

Death Unbound Ebook

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What happens when an unremarkable drifter turns out to be someone else entirely?

The lives of ordinary people are forever changed when a homeless man, surrounded by mystery appears from the darkness. A fallen priest finds faith, a veterinarian falls in love, and a rich playboy's eyes are opened, but none know what it will cost them.

Michael's customs are strange and his opinions almost alien, but Cameron finds herself drawn to him in a way she can't explain. In the shadows of ivy-covered buildings and artistic freedom fear creeps into the hearts and minds of the city. Soon Cameron finds herself suspecting Michael is at the center of it all.

When Cameron tries to figure out who Michael really is, he begins to find his purpose. Can they come together and fight the evils invading Ithaca, New York? Or will Michael leave devastation in his wake?

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