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Pestilence Unleashed ebook

Pestilence Unleashed ebook

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How do you stop the sickness when the source is humanity itself?

As flames spread through the grasslands Cameron flees with War into the East, leaving Michael and Gabriel with wounds they can't overcome on their own. Exhaustion and anger muddle their senses as they seek redemption. With each step they leave the world suffering in their wake.

In the streets of Singapore a deadly disease rages and even those with money can't buy a cure. But it is the poor who suffer the most. In a small village Raphael awakes to find the world around him is dying. He brings with him healing, but unable to stop the spread he loses himself among millions struggling to survive. Caught up in the sins of humans questions still remain but he is powerless to answer.

As he uncovers the source of disease Death inches closer to unleashing Pestilence upon the world. Always one step behind darkness can Michael and the others come together in time, or will death continue to elude them?

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