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War Unchained Ebook

War Unchained Ebook

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When a tragic event leaves a family in chaos will the stranger among them bring peace or leave them broken?

Gabriel intrudes in the life of a family when Kaya, a Johannesburg policewoman is shot in the line of duty. Her presence brings uncertainty and lingering questions but also a bond with Kaya's daughter as they search for answers.

Violence and gang feuds dominate the landscape as Gabriel tries to navigate this unfamiliar world but she believes it is her duty to help the family find closure. With the arrival of her long-lost brother, Michael, Gabriel must choose between the family she has come to know and the purpose she was born to.

As Death stalks them from the shadowy slums of South Africa, darkness gathers strength. Can Michael and Gabriel come to terms with their past to prevent the chains of War from breaking or are they already too late?


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