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Witches of Fawsetwood

Witches of Fawsetwood

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12th century Cumberland, Northern England. On the borders of the wild lands and isolated crofts, Fawsetwood sits precariously between Scots and Normans in the shadows of the Roman Catholic priests. The witches grow ever more wary as they peer ahead, trying to avoid Church arrest. Alec and his sister Elspet are joined by the new apprentice Alain who is as powerfully Fairborn as they are. Together they are meant for magic to preserve the old ways; but they are children tossed about by secrets and expectations they cannot understand. They forge bonds to survive in an unfair world.

The will of adults is near as strong as the will of the Goddess, and both seek to order their paths. Elspeth will have none of that. Alain is determined to win her heart. Elspet will have none of that either. Alec is sent off to preserve their lives. But none see the ripples in Fate magic makes.

With each turning of the wheel, changes trip them up. Babes are born and mothers die. Farmers become soldiers. The new boy Grantford joins them as an orphan. Grief and hope pull the witches forward to dance before the Gods under the nose of the Church. The turmoil of the world invades Fawsetwood as the Elders disagree on Elspet's role as May Queen in the Sacred Marriage to banish the Christians. She remains adamant she'll have no crown nor king.

Then a new man comes among them, carrying Alec home more dead than alive. Callum’s threads entangle with the others when he sees what they do to save Alec’s life. Can they trust Callum as Elspet takes hold of peace and power to oppose the ways of war and incest laid to trap them, or will the ways of the Goddess fade for good?
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